AesPop is a Chicago-based partnership offering integrated media services. Our passion is making effective web and media production more accessible for arts, education, and nonprofit organizations. Much of the work done by mission based organizations increasingly necessitates or is best supported by a strong web and media presence. No two organizations are the same, so we have developed a range of services customizable to specific situations, including:

  • web design, hosting and site maintenance
  • media services: documentation, production and dissemination
  • social media management
  • print media design and production
  • marketing/outreach

We want to make an impact where it matters by working on projects we can honestly care about!

Send us an email describing your project, expected budget, and time frame for our review. We're interested in stand-alone design and promotion work as well as larger web development or video production projects. We are always looking to develop long term relationships with organizations we respect, and we'd like to make yours one of them!